NITECORE 奈特科爾手電筒 TIKI GITD LE 300 流明 USB 可充電鑰匙扣


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NITECORE Flashlight TIKI GITD TIKI LE 300 Lumens MINI futuristic keychain light USB Rechargeable

Use the main OSRAM P8 LED with a maximum output of 300 lumens
TIKI: Use auxiliary high CRI white LED (CRI?90; color temperature: 4500K) and auxiliary UV LED (Power: 500mW; Wavelength: 365nm)
TIKI LE: Use auxiliary red LED and auxiliary blue LED
The main white light uses a total reflection optical lens to produce a uniform and soft beam
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion battery charging circuit with built-in Micro-USB port
Advanced power cut (APC) technology can achieve ultra-low parasitic leakage current
One-handed interface controls 3 outputs through a switch
The head is made of metal material, with excellent heat dissipation capacity (TIKI: stainless steel; TIKI LE: aluminum alloy)
The body is made of durable PC (V0) material
Meet the IP66 rating
Impact resistance 1 meter

Tiki Le
Special mode red/blue warning light
Beam color red light, blue light
Special mode UV
Beam color white light, high CRI
Tiki Gide
Special mode UV
Beam color white light, high CRI

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  1. 我***z
    love this flashlight. high quality, compact and the light is strong
    Nice lantern. There is PWM on all modes, except for the maximum and except for two additional LEDs. The USB port is slightly curvy installed.