Fx Audio Dac X6 Mkii Dac Ess9018 藍牙 5.0 Tpa6120 芯片解碼器


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FX Audio DAC X6 MKII DAC ESS9018 藍牙 5.0 TPA6120 芯片解碼器是一款支持藍牙 5.0 的高端音頻解碼器,採用 ESS9018 芯片和 TPA6120 放大器。

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FX-Audio X6 MKII DAC ESS9018 Bluetooth 5.0 TPA6120 Chip Decoder APTX SPDIF Coaxial PC-USB RCA Headphone Amplifier USB Decoder

The FX-Audio X6 MKII DAC is a powerful and versatile audio device that is perfect for any audiophile. It features an ESS9018 DAC chip, Bluetooth 5.0, TPA6120 chip decoder, APTX, SPDIF coaxial, PC-USB, RCA, and headphone amplifier. This device is capable of decoding digital audio signals from a variety of sources, including USB, Bluetooth, and SPDIF. It also features a powerful headphone amplifier that can drive high-end headphones with ease. The X6 MKII DAC also features a built-in APTX codec for improved sound quality when streaming audio over Bluetooth. With its high-end components and versatile design, the FX-Audio X6 MKII DAC is the perfect choice for any audiophile looking to get the most out of their audio setup.

1.DAC-X6MKII is a dac with headphone amplifier, which can be used for preamplifier. Also it is bluetooth receiver. It has Multiful inputs, including bluetooth 5.0 support APTX, SPDIF ,Coaxial, PC-USB and RCA.
3.Supports both synchronous and ASRC (asynchronous sample rate converter) modes
De-emphasis for 32kHz, 44.1kHz, and 48kHz sampling User programmable filter allowing custom roll-off response Allows software control MCU of DAC features High quality original ESS9018 dac chip specification DAC-X6MKII is not only a dac which can be used preamplifier, but it is headphone amplifier,Using the IC chip TPA6120.

The high quality original IC chip TPA6120specification :
SNR of 128dB A-Weighted.
THD of 112.5dB
Current-Feedback Architecture
Output Voltage Noise of 0.9?Vrms at
Gain = 1V/V (16? Load)
Power Supply Range: ±5V to ±15V
1300V/?s Slew Rate
Can be configured for Single Ended or Differential Inputs
Independent Power Supplies for Low Crosstalk

DAC technical data specification:
Chipset:STM8+CM6642+ESS9018+TPA6120+OP275+QCC3008(BLuetooth 5.0)/QCC3034
Samping frequency : 24Bit/192KHz (PC-USB/Optical/Coaxial) ; 24Bit/48KHz (Bluetooth)
RCA RMS level: 2Vrms
Headphone power output:940mW@16?,
900mW@32?,700mW@64?, 450mW@120?
Headphone THD: 0.006%
Headphone SNR: 112dB
Headphone Frequency Response: ±0.5dB(20Hz-20kHz)
Input: Optical,PC-USB,Coaxial, BT
Output: RCA, 6.35mm Headphone
DC power supply: 12V
Unit Size:11.7 x 17.8 x 3.6cm


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