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The Magical Realistic Volcano Toy är ett spännande lekset som väcker vulkanernas underverk till liv.

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Magical Realistic Volcano Toy Geographic Experiment Chemical Learning Playset Classroom Students Toys Supply

The Magical Realistic Volcano Toy Geographic Experiment Chemical Learning Playset is an engaging and educational toy designed to spark curiosity and learning in students. With this playset, children can explore the fascinating world of volcanoes and geology in a hands-on and interactive way. This playset includes a realistic volcano model that can be assembled and used for exciting experiments. By following the provided instructions, children can create their own volcanic eruptions using safe and non-toxic chemical reactions. As the volcano erupts, it releases a mesmerizing display of colorful lava and smoke, capturing the imagination and creating a truly magical experience. The playset is designed for classroom use, making it an ideal tool for science teachers and educators. It can be used to supplement lessons on earth sciences, geology, or chemistry, providing a hands-on approach to learning that enhances comprehension and retention. Safety is a top priority, and the included chemicals are specifically formulated to ensure a safe and controlled volcanic eruption. The playset also includes safety goggles and gloves to protect children during the experiments, promoting responsible and safe scientific exploration. With the Magical Realistic Volcano Toy Geographic Experiment Chemical Learning Playset, children can engage in a fun and educational experience that fosters scientific curiosity and understanding. It’s an excellent addition to classroom supplies and a wonderful way to inspire young minds to explore the wonders of our natural world.


?Brand new and high quality.
?The red light and the spray effect are very much like the real volcanoes.
?The switch and the water injection vent are all next to the crater. They are hidden and can’t be seen from the outside.
?The effect in the night is more realistic and cooler.

There must be no water on the surface of the volcanic spray port, otherwise it will not be sprayed. Please use the attached small bottle for water injection. Do not directly fill the water with a faucet.


?Power supply: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included).
?Color: See the pictures
?Material: Plastic
?Size: One Size
?Length: 23cm (9.06in)
?Width: 23cm (9.06in)
?Height: 14cm (5.51in)
?Quantity: 1PC

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  1. M***h
    Exceeded my expectations, very cool toy!