What is a “smart home?” The answer may surprise you. The fast-paced world we live in has led to the rise of technology that can digitally connect our lives and create mini digital ecosystems within our homes, such as by connecting lights or temperature sensors between each other through an app on your phone (a prospect most people find appealing). But do these advances come without risks too ? What will this future look like when everything becomes connected? We explore those questions here!
A camera dome found in most department stores is an example of overt electronic surveillance. These provide a significant amount of information to trained operators and are also very visible deterrents for certain types of crimes. If recordings from this system are replayed, people will often behave one manner when they see the cameras; look up towards where it’s filming before altering their previous behavior once the obstructions have been made clear by other patrons or law enforcement officers looking at them during playback Overt observation can take many forms – some obvious (pan/tilt), while others more subtle such as zoom lenses which allow you not just observe what someone is doing

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