Como pentear o cabelo cacheado? Um guia DIY em casa

Como pentear o cabelo cacheado? Um guia DIY em casa

The manner you should brush your hair will alter depending on the type of hair you have like thickness, texture, and length. Also, depending on your hair type, there are several brush types you should use. To acquire informed responses, we spoke with hair industry experts directly. In our comprehensive guide on hair brushing, you’ll learn all you need to know, including how frequently you should brush your hair and what kind of brush to use. Here in this article, I will tell you the steps to How to comb curly hair?

Evite pentear demais

Although brushing your hair can be beneficial for all types of hair, there is a common misconception that doing so will make it more lustrous. This is simply untrue. In fact, harm might result from brushing too frequently. Overbrushing causes your hair’s cuticles to lift and crack, which makes it appear dull because light won’t reflect off of it. Because of this, you should only escove seu cabelo tanto quanto for necessário para torná-lo liso e desembaraçado.

Escove os cabelos molhados

Although you might assume your hairbrush goes in the drawer where your blowdryer is kept, you could be better off storing it in the bathtub. According to Swiney, brushing curly hair while it isn’t damp will cause breakage and split ends because it is dry and brittle. Because it prevents frizz and flyaways, it is better to brush curly hair when it is still wet. Additionally, keeping a brush in the shower ensures that you always have a microphone available for singing in the shower.

Uso de ferramentas corretas

Os pincéis vêm em diversas variedades, assim como xampus, condicionadores e tratamentos de modelagem. Swiney aconselha o uso de um pente de dentes largos ou uma escova desembaraçadora, ambos excelentes para cabelos crespos a crespos. Por causa das cerdas onduladas, a linha TxturePRO é excelente para cabelos desse tipo, segundo a mulher. As escovas de desembaraçar fluem pelo cabelo sem prender ou puxar, o que evita a quebra.

Evite escovar os cabelos cacheados secos

Bem, se você tem cabelos cacheados, evite escová-los a seco. Porque quando o seu cabelo encaracolado secará, será muito irritante e seu cabelo ficará muito resistente à escova por causa dos cachos.

Condicionamento Profundo

Deep conditioning is important for all hair types, but curly girls’ hair needs it even more because of the dryness issue. Swiney advises utilizing leave-in conditioners and anti-frizz serums. I frequently use Design Essentials Coconut and Monoi on my clients’ curly hair because it is a great system for curly hair. Additionally, by fighting tangles before they form, you can steer clear of unpleasant knots in the future.

Diferentes estilos de escovação

1-Penteie e agite

Este é o melhor método para produzir aglomerados naturais e ondas mais soltas, e também é de longe o mais simples. Embora o cabelo muito molhado dê mais definição, pode ser feito em cabelo molhado ou úmido e funciona melhor com o estilo de cabeça para baixo.

Estilo de 2 fitas

The most precise curls will likely be produced using this technique. The best way to explain this is to picture curling a gift’s ribbon. You must apply pressure with your palm to the hair along the brush’s edge.

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