Xiaomi Qualitell Electric Mosquito Swatter Handheld Killer Insect Fly


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Xiaomi Qualitell Electric Mosquito Swatter Handheld LED Mosquito Killer Insect Fly Wall-mounted Dispeller

One-shot dual-use, ingeniously combines mosquito killer and mosquito lamp, supports manual mosquito killing, wall-mounted intelligent mosquito killer, and combines attack and defense

▪  The upper and lower layers are safety protection net layers, and no current passes through to prevent the danger of accidental touch.

▪  When the mosquito-trapping mode is turned on at night, it attracts mosquitoes and kills mosquitoes intelligently, saving effort and effort.

▪  Mosquitoes are sensitive to this light and are safe and harmless to human body.

▪  Turn on the mosquito trapping mode, the wall-mounted base automatically starts the electric mosquito switch, and the mosquitoes extinguish when they touch the net.

▪  Pure physical mosquito control, efficient and convenient.

▪  There are 3 gear modes, shutdown, standby, and mosquito mode.

Built-in 1200mAh battery, strong battery life.

▪  Multifunctional charging base, charging and storing are correct.



Product name:Qualitell Mosquito Swatter

Product model:ZS9001

Product material:PC

Product color:White

Product size:450* 230 * 28mm

Packing size:455 * 235 * 45mm

Net product weight:251g

Product weight:567g

Battery capacity:1200mAh

Rated voltage:DC 5V

Rated power;2W

Output voltage:DC 3500V


Executive standard:GB4706.76- 2008     GB4706.1-2005


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1 X Qualitell Mosquito Swatter


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