Xiaomi Diiib Automatic Sense Infrared Smart Induction Touchless Water for Kitchen


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Xiaomi Diiib Automatic Sense Infrared Unplugged Smart Induction Touchless Water Saver Device for Kitchen Bathroom Sink Faucet



1.Diiib induction faucet faucet adopts infrared sensor to automatically discharge water, which can penetrate water mist and water droplets to block, and sense in real time. Wave your hand in the sensing area to start the water flow to achieve smooth cleaning, wave your hand again to stop the water flow, and the water will be clean and clean.
2.The traditional induction faucet has the induction area at the bottom, which is inconvenient to operate. Diiib induction faucet faucet, “pull up” the induction zone, the induction window is facing the front, close to your eyes, you can reach out to control without bending over, and without dismantling the old, help the old faucet to upgrade to intelligence in one step, more convenient and free.
3.Diiib faucet induction faucet will change 80% of household water consumption habits. It operates stably under strong light and electromagnetic interference, and the temperature is up to 70℃. It can be used with confidence whether it is cold or hot water. Automatic water discharge, 0.25 second rapid induction, free control, more convenient in operations such as water filling, washing, and flushing.
4.Strong light and electromagnetic interference are the natural enemies of sensors. Diiib uses high-quality sensitive chips and 500,000 induction solenoid valves, upgraded infrared technology, can be used normally within 10,000 lumens of light, and is strong against radar, mobile phone photography lights, hair dryers and other types Strong light or electromagnetic interference, always maintain elegant operation, no worry about induction failure.
5.Diiib faucet induction faucet has carried out three real kitchen water saving tests. Test 1-water flow at the same time, test 2-the process of applying soap to wash hands, test 3-washing different kinds of food, the results show that the faucet faucet has a suspended water flow, and the use of honeycomb foam core greatly saves daily water, so You save a small amount of pocket money from your monthly water bill.
6.The outer surface of the sensor spout is made of high-quality brass, which is not easy to breed bacteria. Copper material has stronger hardness than ordinary metals, is not easy to be deformed, resistant to abrasion, is not easy to age and slippery in long-term use, tightly twisted, and does not leak.
Product Name Diiib Unplugged Intelligent Induction Water Saver
Product weight 210g
Product size 60x59x70mm
Battery life 5 years
Working water pressure 0.05-0.7Mpa
Working water temperature ≤80℃
Sensing range 0-10cm±2cm
Power supply mode Built-in maintenance-free lithium battery


Package Included:
1 x Induction water saver
1 x Install the wrench
6 x Adapter 
1 x Manual
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