Xiaomi Andon Portable Nebulizer Machine Micro-atomizer Handheld

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Xiaomi Andon Portable Nebulizer Machine Micro-atomizer Handheld Inhaler Respirator for Children and Adult Cough Treat



– No noise, running sound is no higher than 50 decibels. Low working noise, more comfortable atomization
– Detachable design. Convenient cleaning and disinfection
– Scientifically control the rate of fogging. Stable at a rate of 0.2ml or more per minute


Atomization rate: 0.2ml / min and more
Water temperature of medicine cup: 60 Deg.C and less
Cup capacity: 8ml
Noise: 50dB and less
Working temperature: 10 – 40 Deg.C

Acute cardiopulmonary failure, those with airway obstruction, those who are allergic to the drugs used in this product are strictly prohibited from using the product.
Please use under the guidance of medical staff.


1.What is the specific scope of this atomizer?
This product is suitable for children and adults and can be used in hospitals.
Atomization treatment of various types of aerosolized drugs. Children and needs
Adults with special care should be under the supervision of the guardian
Note: This product is a tool used for aerosol therapy, itself
Does not contain aerosolized drugs. The type and amount of the drug
Usage, please follow the doctor’s advice.
2.What is the specific method of operation?
1). Open the liquid medicine cup and inject the liquid medicine (please follow the doctor’s instructions for atomization)
2). Attach the mask to the spray port (children or adults over 5 years old)
Can use the mouthpiece);
3). Press the front of the fuselage to open the key, then the atomizer will start
Spray, green light flashes;
4) Place the mask on the nose and mouth to make it fit completely.
Slow and deep breathing begins to atomize. Will automatically close after completion
machine. If you need to pause, you can switch it back on.
3.How to clean and disinfect?
1). cleaning: liquid cup, mask, mouthpiece can be soaked in clean water
Allow to dry naturally after washing. Do not rinse directly under the tap
Liquid medicine cup; it is strictly forbidden to use hot water above 60°
2). Disinfection: The liquid cup can be submerged in 75% of medical alcohol.
Dry out after the clock; face mask, mouthpiece can use 75% of the doctor
Wipe with alcohol for more than 3 minutes, then dry
Please keep it in a clean and dry place after drying thoroughly. more
Please refer to the product manual for more details.
4.What if I can’t boot?
Please ensure that the product is powered properly.
1). When using battery power, please make sure the battery has power and press
The positive and negative poles shown in the tank are correctly loaded. Open when the battery is too low
Machine, the indicator light will be red, indicating that the battery needs to be more
5.Normal start, green light is on, but no fog is going on?
1). There is no liquid in the liquid medicine cup: please inject the liquid correctly and then turn it on.
2). Please make sure the liquid cup is in place: align the liquid cup to the host
Chute, fully pushed to the body mount until you hear “kada ” sound completed installation. The liquid cup is in contact with the host electrode
Sufficient to ensure normal spray.
3). atomization net blockage: put about 2m in the liquid medicine cup
At 60 ° C warm water, add a few drops of white vinegar, long press for 5 seconds to open
The key enters the self-cleaning mode, waiting for the atomization to complete automatically.
Machine, that is, complete maintenance.
4). Please make sure the host electrode is clean: wipe off the liquid on the electrode
Or water stains, use alcohol to remove dirt.
5). Due to damage to the atomized mesh or other reasons, it still cannot be solved.
Please consult the official customer service.
6.After the normal boot, how can it not continue to fog?
1). Please make sure the liquid cup is in place.
2). The atomizer only supports medical atomized liquid and saline mist.
Please do not use pure water, distilled water, etc.
Liquid. There are few conductive particles in this type of liquid, nebulizer
Cannot be recognized properly.
3). Please ensure that the liquid is in full contact with the atomizing mesh. Can be shaken gently
Shake the liquid bubble away, or adjust the holding angle to make the fog
The spray nozzle of the chemicalizer is inclined downward by 45° to allow the liquid medicine and the spray port
The mesh is in full contact.
4). If you still can’t solve it, please consult the official customer service.

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