Home Led Kit Garden Planter Kitchen Smart Herb Grow Germination System

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Home Led Kit Garden Planter Kitchen Smart Herb Growing Germination System Indoor Hydroponics System


1. Hydroponics circulation system: This indoor garden germination kit is designed with a water circulation system to increase the oxygen in the water. It grows faster in nutrient water than in soil. You can fully control the weather throughout the year.

2.3. High-performance plant light: The 24-watt LED light of the hydroponic plant growth system simulates the sunlight spectrum, which can promote the photosynthesis of vegetables in any weather. Indoor gardening with vegetables can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom or office. The indoor garden kit is an educational gift for children to help them observe the growth process. Parents and grandparents will also like fresh vegetables all year round.

Three intelligent modes of different growth stages: normal mode: cycle 14h and cycle 10h, with red, blue and white LED lights, suitable for germination, flowering, and viewing stages. Growth mode: Cycle 16h and off for 8h, with red and white LED lights, used for germination and observation stage. Enjoy mode: turn on the lights for 12h and turn off the lights for 12h, with 50% red and white LED lights, very suitable for budding, flowering and watching the stage. In this mode, the lights will be less noticeable.

4.2 Water pump circulation mode: In normal mode, the water pump works for 5 minutes and then pauses for 30 minutes. Long press “PUMP SWITCH” for 5 seconds to switch the pump to sleep mode. The pump will be off for 12 hours and then will return to normal circulation. You can sleep well in the same room as the family garden.

5. Height-adjustable garden kit: The height of the lighting part of the hydroponic planting system can be adjusted to adapt to the vegetables at different growth stages, thereby helping the vegetables absorb the energy of the LED light and promote growth. With the included 7 pods, you can grow up to 7 plants up to 13.4 inches tall at the same time.

Name: Flower Pot
Function: Indoor hydroponic planter
Control method: touch control
Color: black, white
Shell material: ABS + aluminum
Voltage: 110-240V
Maximum power: 35W
Lifetime: 50000H
Weight: 1850g
Packing size: 41*20.5*27cm

Packing list:
7x grow sponge
7x grow basket
1 x set (A+B)plant food
1x External adaptor 1pcs
1x water pump 1pcs

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  1. Grayson
    Great for garden plant
    Perfect thank you
    work great, I paint mint and sage and after one week is start growing, good product perfect for that kitchen