Anker PowerCast M300 USB Microphone For PC Vocals Quality in Streaming

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Anker PowerCast M300 USB Microphone For PC Vocals Quality in Streaming Twitch Gaming YouTube Headphone Output Gain Control &Mute

  • Realistic Vocals: Sound more like yourself with a large, 16 mm condenser microphone that boasts a wide bit-depth and high sample rate. Record rich and pure sounds as the cardioid polar pattern picks up what you say without any background noise.
  • Plug and Play: This USB microphone for PC has no extra settings or extra steps. Just plug it in to get started on streaming your broadcast.
  • On-Board Gain Control: No need to fumble with complicated controls that are on a separate device. Easily adjust the volume right on your USB microphone to your liking, or mute it if you need to step away.
  • Headphone Jack: Time to get used to the sound of your own voice. Plug your headset directly into your mic to hear what your audience is hearing, whether you’re streaming or gaming, and adjust accordingly.
  • Pick Your Favorite Color: Show off your personality with 23 RGB colors at your fingertips. Change the color of your mic’s base to match your mood, to create a certain type of atmosphere, or to complement your outfit.

Key Features:

Superior Condenser

Specially designed to capture true-to-life sounds, PowerCast M300 lets your audience hear crisp and natural audio as if they were sitting right next to you as you talk.

Cardioid Polar Pattern

Sensitive to sounds coming in from the front of the USB microphone, PowerCast M300 picks up your voice and none of the background noise so your audience hears you loud and clear while you’re gaming or streaming.

24-Bit Depth and 96 kHz Sample Rate

With an incredibly high bit-depth and sample rate, PowerCast M300 recreates audio to sound almost identical to the original so your audience can hear what you really sound like.

Gain Control

Onboard gain control lets you conveniently adjust the volume right on the microphone. Turn the dial to adjust the volume up or down, or press it to mute your mic.

Headphone Output

Plug your headphones directly into the microphone so you can hear exactly what your audience hears in real time.

23 RGB Colors

Choose from 23 colors to make your microphone for PC stand out. Match your microphone to your outfit or the occasion, and let your personality vividly come through.

USB-C Connection

Use the USB-C cable to connect PowerCast M300 to almost any device for quick and easy use without any extra steps to set up.

Compatible with Most Devices

Broadcast with stunning sound quality from multiple devices. Just plug PowerCast M300 in and you’re ready to go.

Convenient and Adjustable Angles

Find the angle for you. With 180° of movement and a 360° rotatable base, you have the freedom and flexibility to broadcast from any comfortable position with PowerCast M300.


  • 1* 16 mm Condenser
  • Caridiod Polar Patterns
  • 96k/24bit Sample Rate
  • Gain Control
  • Headphone Output
  • Light Show
  • USB-C
  • Plug and Play


What is in the box: Mic *1, USB C to USB C Cable *1, USB A to USB C Cable *1, QSG *1, Safety card *1, Brand card *1

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