100 Barriers 3D Labyrinth Magic Ball Balance Maze Perplexus Puzzle Toy


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100 Barriers 3D Labyrinth Magic Intellect Ball Track Puzzle Balance Maze Perplexes Puzzle Toy

Quick Overview

  The maze toy ball games are played to break the traditional plane maze, develop a three-dimensional space from the plane go ball pattern, greatly increasing the game interesting, more of a test of children’s spatial perception ability and hand-eye coordination, enhance emotional control capacity, to a certain extent, the development of the child’s brain thinking and strategizing capacity.

  This is a great challenge for the whole family together in the games, parent-child interaction, and create a good family atmosphere.



 Name: Magical Intellect Maze Ball

 Material: ABS environmental protection material

 Barrier: 100

 Size: 12×12×12CM

 Weight: 0.16KG

 Package: 1 x 3D Ball Maze Puzzle 

Puzzle Games Effect

 1. Control Balance

 2. Improve Intellect

 3. Learn to Build Up Patience 

 4. Explore for Final Victory

Use illuminate

  Turn the intellect ball, make the little ball stay at the beginning.

  Go and pass the barriers and arrive the ending according to the orientation along with  the row head orderly, there is a

  victorious flag flutter to you!

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