Whether you pick vintage-looking bulbs or tiny strings of fairy lights, string lights can be a great way to decorate an area. These useful lights can work in both outdoor and indoor situations. They come in many colours and sizes, so you can pick the perfect string lights for your decorating needs.What types of string lights can you order?There are three basic options that you have to pick from when ordering lights.Fairy lights: Classic fairy lights, which are also called Christmas lights, are a string of tiny incandescent bulbs situated on a flexible wire. This type of lighting was traditionally used for Christmas trees, but it now has many other purposes. They come in warm white, multi-colour, and other options.Strings of bulbs:This design uses larger light bulbs on an electrical cord. Depending on style, the bulbs may be globes, teardrops, or vintage Edison styles.LED ropes: When powered off, this LED rope light string looks like a thin, flexible tube. It contains many small LED lights that create a continuous strand of light when turned on.

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