From being soothed by the classical masters to having an electrifying time with EDM music, over-ear headphones have made a back in a big way. Every music lover has owned a pair at some point or the other and this device has a special place in their heart. Many people can remember their parents telling them to turn down their loudspeakers until this nifty tool came along and changed the audio game. They could be used with a Walkman, MP3 player, mobile and even your computer for more functions than just listening to music.

The reason that the over-the-ear design is preferred for those working with sound in their profession is that they are perfectly comfortable for long hours, compared to the in-ear kind. Over-ear headphones with mics can also be used to make or receive calls. This is a convenient option, especially when conducting business calls. If you’re the type who likes to be up on your feet walking around or dancing when listening to music, the wireless over-ear headphones are just what you need. It’s interesting to note that this accessory, which is taken for granted these days, has had a remarkable journey, so let’s take a quick look at its history.

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