Camera a means to keep long term memories!!! A camera has been an essence in this trendy world for every occasion. According to its definition is a device that is helpful for capturing still pictures or video. This can be done either digitally or on film. The photographs as well as video have become important in education, communication as well as for preservation of history. It is considered that the pictures captured using a camera is worth thousands words and is a huge help to communicate or to tell stories. You can also see pictures or videos on their social networking sites as well. It is a matter of fact that the learning abilities of every person varies from one person to another. So, it has been observed that some of the individuals learn by writing, some by hearing and some by seeing. Thus, it is believed that a camera has given a new dimension to the education by allowing photographs as well as videos to become the learning tools. A camera is playing a pivotal role in preservation of memories with historic as well as emotional values. Every day, several events used to take place and all of them can be made special with the use of a camera.

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