EDIFIER W800BT ステレオ Bluetooth ヘッドセット 音楽 コンピューター ノイズリダクション



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Light Frame

The W800BT is a set of impressive wireless headphones. The light weight frame doesn’t weigh heavily on your head making sure you enjoy a full day of listening.    

Ergonomic Fit

Around-the-ear design has a comfortable fit made from breathable high elastic sponge and faux leather cover. The closed back design also helps with reducing outside noise and keeping your sound in. 

On-ear controls

On ear controls let you adjust the volume accordingly. Reach a comfortable level of volume without having to reach for your connecting device. Easily pause and resume audio at a push of a button.

Bluetooth Version 4.0

Experience high quality wireless playback with Bluetooth v4.0. Wireless playback working time lasts for 50-hours. Standby time of 800-hours and charge time of 3-hours.

Wireless and Wired Connection

Use the 3.5mm to 3.5mm connector for change the W800BT to a wired set of headphones. This feature is incredibly useful for when the battery in your headphones is empty. The headphones are charged through an included USB cable.

40mm Drivers

The W800BT offers 40mm neodymium magnet drivers that drives amazing bass tones to your ear.

Multiple collection of colours

Choose from our diverse colour schemes that provide a sleek and stylish design. Enjoy personality with functionality. A great selection that compliments your stylistic needs.


  • ブランド名: 教旨
  • コントロールボタン: はい
  • アクティブノイズキャンセリング: いいえ
  • スタイル: ヘッドホン
  • 無線タイプ: ブルートゥース
  • コネクタ: 3.5mm
  • 周波数応答範囲: 20~20000Hz
  • 関数: 携帯電話用
  • 関数: For Internet Bar
  • ワイヤレス: はい
  • プラグタイプ: 線種
  • サポートメモリーカード: いいえ
  • マイク付き: はい
  • モデル番号: W800BT
  • 抵抗: 32Ω
  • 防水: いいえ
  • 線の長さ: 1.5M
  • サポートアプリ: いいえ


 1*EDIFIER W800BT Stereo Bluetooth Headset

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