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Pros  Cons
  • Extra small, not protruding from the ear
  • Excellent active noise cancellation
  • State of transparency
  • Sound surprisingly good
  • Removal detection sensor
  • Good call quality
  • wireless charging
  • Rain resistance (IPX5)
  • Limited touch key control
  • AAC encoder support only
  • There is no manual equalizer in the app

Listening quality

1More ComfoBuds Mini, the new headphones from the 1More brand that have just been launched in the world, boast the title of the smallest TWS headphones in the world. Beyond this endearing gimmick, they are equipped with a surprising array of features familiar to us from more expensive (and larger) headphones: active noise cancellation that promises to neutralize up to 40 decibels, environmental transparency, proximity sensor to detect headphone removal, IPX5 rain resistance, wireless charging and more . They come in white or black.

Despite their minimal size, the 1 More ComfoBuds Mini managed to surprise us with a very powerful, rich and pleasant sound to listen to in a variety of styles. They are equipped with dynamic drivers with a diameter of 7 mm, and like the rest of the brand’s headphones, have been calibrated by Grammy-winning sound expert Luca Bignardi. A relatively wide sound stage that allows you to hear the music surrounds you and a successful treatment of vocal (mid) frequencies. At least in our opinion.In terms of encoder support, these headphones do not support AptX or more advanced encoders but only AAC, but let’s face it – the sound is good anyway.

1More app does not include a manual equalizer that you can customize yourself, which is a bit of a shame, but instead has SoundID – a short process that plays a music track of your choice with the option to choose, throughout all testing stages, from two sound styles to choose from. Throughout the process the system learns your preferences and produces a sound profile that should better suit your taste. While this works not bad and indeed the final sound profile was a little closer to our personal preference, but not quite – we were happy with a manual equalizer that gives the control in our hands.

After the surprise of the good sound quality from such small headphones, an even bigger surprise awaited us: the noise cancellation in the ComfoBuds Mini is one of the best we’ve encountered in the TWS headphones, and it even surpasses the excellent noise cancellation of the Edifier NeoBuds Pro. When we turned it on at full power and stood in front of a running tumble dryer, we barely heard anything other than a slight noise. When we turned on the home theater system the sound of a high-powered jet plane engine that sounded just like sitting inside an airplane, the headphones managed to turn off almost all low frequencies and left a relatively light and unnoticeable noise that medium volume music could overshadow without issue. Even when driving a car with a petrol engine, the headphones almost completely silenced the driving, wind and tire noises, allowing us to concentrate solely on the music. The ANC here produces a certain Hiss noise, but in our opinion this is a very slight compromise in relation to the impressive success of the headphones to silence loud noises and isolate well from the environment.

Comfort, Controls

1More ComfoBuds Mini are Buds-style True Wireless headphones, meaning they are in the shape of a small button without a “stem” coming out of them. They are so small that they do not protrude from the ear at all, and ironically their minimal size makes it a bit difficult to get them out of the box and from the ear simply because they are a little too small for the fingers. The design here is less important – it is simple and plain plastic with a matte finish and they have no noticeable design emphasis, but you can hardly see them anyway. What is more important is the comfort of wearing, and it is excellent – the headphones sit very comfortably inside the ear and do not move away in any way; Even after over an hour of continuous use we did not feel any pain or discomfort. If you have chosen to go out with them for outdoor sports activities, you will be happy to know that they are equipped with the IPX5 standard which means that they can withstand rain and sweat without any problem.

1More ComfoBuds Mini: Small but surprising

The charging box of the headphones is also tiny, and is very similar to that of the Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro or the Pixel Buds headphones. It is round and flat in a way reminiscent of a symmetrical bathrobe, the opening of the door is convenient and the magnetic mounts hold the headphones firmly in place. We were happy to see that the plastic is very good, and the door hinge is strong and stable. On the front of the box there is a single indicator light for the battery status, and on the right side is a button to activate the Pairing mode of the headset to the phone.

The headphones are controlled by touch keys located on the outside. Only 3 touch gestures are available for you to use: a long press is used to switch between noise cancellation, transparency mode or turning off both, and this gesture cannot be changed; In addition, there is a double touch and 3 touches that can be set in the app. You can choose between 4 control actions – play and stop the music, scroll to the next song and the previous song, increase and decrease the volume and summon the voice assistant. The problem is that in any case only 2 actions out of the 4 are available and the other 2 will have to be given up, since as mentioned the keys themselves only support 2 or 3 touches.

1More ComfoBuds Mini: Small but surprising

The headphones have touch sensors, and they know how to stop the music when it is removed from the ear and turn it on again when it is inserted again. It’s a very useful feature, but it does not work well in these headphones simply because they are too small, and when you take them out of the ear the fingers almost always randomly touch the touch keys and turn on the music again.

1More’s app is surprisingly good. It includes a detailed view of the battery status in all its ears individually and also in the charging box; Changing the key gesture assignment, switching between ANC mode (including setting its volume) to environmental transparency mode, turning off and activating the proximity sensor, user guide, firmware updates, custom sound setting option and a gallery of soothing background sounds that can be listened to instead of music.

Vie de la batterie

After so many positive surprises from these headphones, it was clear to us that battery life just could not be good in such small headphones – we were sure this would be their weak point. Happily, we were wrong: in our test the headphones held for no less than 6 hours and 15 minutes before the battery in the right earphone gave up, when about two hours of that time was with an active ANC. This battery life is quite impressive especially considering the size of the ComfoBuds Mini, and is compatible with the company statements (up to 5 hours with ANC and up to 6 hours without it).

The headphones support fast charging – their 10 minutes inside the charging box will provide you, according to the company statement, an hour and a half of operation. The box itself gives you 2 more charging cycles, so you can get 20 or 24 hours of listening in total, depending on whether you turned on the noise cancellation or not. The box itself is charged via a USB-C cable and thankfully also supports wireless charging in the standard Qi standard.

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