What is the Best Gaming Keyboards ?

What is the Best Gaming Keyboards ?

Gaming keyboards are an essential piece of gaming equipment that many gamers overlook. While most gamers typically prioritize their graphics card or processor when upgrading their PC, a quality keyboard can have a huge impact on the overall gaming experience.

Good keyboards not only offer more responsive buttons and better keystroke accuracy, but also provide additional features such as programmable macro keys, RGB lighting, and finely-tuned actuation points for those who need it.

With the right setup, gamers can take advantage of the increased precision and speed to level up their game performance.

When choosing a gaming keyboard, there are several factors to consider such as tactile feedback, ergonomic design, durability, and extra features (macro keys and RGB lighting). We’ll discuss the importance of gaming keyboards and the different factors to consider when selecting one for your needs.

So in this article we will help you know What is the best gaming keyboards?

1-   Key Switches

A. Mechanical vs. Membrane

There are two main types of keyboards: mechanical and membrane. Mechanical keyboards use physical switches that actuate when a key is pressed, which gives them a distinct tactile and audio feedback.

Membrane keyboards use rubber domes under each keycap that require the user to press down with more force to register a keystroke, and do not provide any tactile or audio feedback.

Mechanical keyboards are usually preferred for gaming since they are more responsive and give users more precise control over their inputs, but they tend to be more expensive than membrane keyboards.

B. Popular Key Switch Types

In terms of mechanical switches, there are several popular switch types used in gaming keyboards: Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue and Black switches are all commonly used in gaming keyboards and each has its own unique characteristics that make it better suited for certain types of games or playstyles.

Red switches have a light actuation force, making them great for fast-paced action games where quick reflexes matter; Brown switches have a moderate actuation force and usually have the most balanced feel between speed and precision; Blue switches offer the highest tactile feedback but require more effort to press.

Lastly, Black switches have the highest actuation force of all switch types but their linear movement makes them ideal for FPS games where accuracy matters most.

C. Characteristics of different key switches

Each type of mechanical switch comes with its own set of characteristics that make it better suited for certain types of gaming or playstyles:

Cherry MX Red has low operating force (45 cN) and short travel distance (2 mm); Cherry MX Brown has medium operating force (55 cN) with short travel distance (2 mm).

Cherry MX Blue has high operating force (60 cN) with long travel distance (4 mm); Lastly, Cherry MX Black has high operating force (80 cN) with linear movement throughout the entire stroke.

Depending on what type of games you’re playing or what kind of performance you’re looking for from your keyboard, these characteristics may be better or worse suited for your needs.

 2-   Build Quality 

A. Durability

High quality gaming keyboards are designed for long-term use and should be able to withstand frequent pressing, typing, and stress.

Look for materials like steel frames or aluminum alloy bodies that are durable enough to handle intense gaming sessions. In addition, check that the switches and gaming keyboard keycaps can stand up to hours of wear and tear without any significant deterioration in performance.

B. Weight and Stability

Heavy gaming keyboards usually provide a more stable platform while gaming, which is essential if you’re playing on a desk or table with other items around it that may move it.

On the other hand, they can be less convenient if you want to take your keyboard with you to another location like LAN tournaments or friends’ houses.

If portability is important, look for an ergonomically designed lightweight model that still offers stability for intense gaming sessions.

C. Comfort and Ergonomics

 Comfort is key when choosing a gaming keyboard since you’ll be using it for hours at a time during gameplay sessions. Look for adjustable wrist rests, contoured keys and extra padding that help reduce finger fatigue from extended use.

Also consider models with anti-ghosting capabilities that allow multiple simultaneous key presses without registering incorrect inputs. In addition, some models come with programmable macro buttons which give players even more control over their game play experience.

D. Cable Management

Good cable management is important when it comes to gaming keyboards as cables tend to get tangled easily when not organized properly.

Look for features such as detachable cables or integrated cable routing systems that allow you to keep cords out of sight while keeping the room tidy at the same time. Additionally, wireless gaming keyboards are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to reduce cord clutter while providing all the features of wired models without any lag or interference issues associated with them

 3-   Customization


A. RGB Lighting

RGB lighting provides a wide range of customizable colors and patterns, allowing gamers to personalize their gaming setup.

It can be used to create various visual effects, such as lighting up the keys in a specific color or pattern to enhance immersion and make gaming more enjoyable.

RGB lighting also makes it easier to identify various keys on the keyboard, helping gamers find the right key quickly during intense gaming sessions.

B. Macro Programming

Macro programming allows gamers to assign complex combinations of keys to one button, allowing them to perform complex tasks in less time with just one press of a button.

This is especially helpful for games that require quick reactions and complex actions, as it enables gamers to save time by executing multiple commands with just one press of a button.

C. Key Remapping

Key remapping allows users to customize their keyboard layout according to their own preferences and needs.

This is incredibly useful for those who wish to optimize their gaming setup for speed and accuracy, as they can tailor the layout according their needs without having to compromise on ergonomics or comfort.

D. On-board Memory

Most modern gaming keyboards come with on-board memory that stores user profiles, macros and other settings so that users can access them even when away from home or a desk setup.

This is incredibly useful for those who frequently move between locations or take part in LAN tournaments; as all their settings are already stored inside the keyboard’s memory, they don’t have to worry about manually transferring any data while they’re on the go.

4-   Additional Features


A. N-Key Rollover

This is a feature found on many gaming keyboards that allows for multiple simultaneous key presses to be recognized by the keyboard, instead of only being able to recognize one at a time.

It can provide the user with faster and more precise response times in games or during typing, and is especially useful for those who use multi-key shortcuts or need to press several keys quickly in succession.


B. Dedicated Media Keys

Gaming keyboards often come with dedicated media keys that allow users to control media playback without having to switch windows or open new programs.

These keys are typically located on the top row of the keyboard and may include buttons such as Play/Pause, Next/Previous Track, Volume Up/Down, and Mute.

They make listening to music or watching movies while playing games a lot easier and more convenient.

C. Wrist Rest

Many gaming keyboards come with an integrated wrist rest that provides comfort and support for your wrists while gaming or typing. The wrist rest is usually made from a soft foam material with an ergonomic design so it fits comfortably against your wrists, reducing strain and fatigue during long gaming sessions.

D. Software and Driver Support

Many gaming keyboards come with their own software suite offering access to advanced features such as customizing macro functions, creating profiles, adjusting lighting effects, setting timer countdowns, recording keystrokes, etc…

Having this level of control over your keyboard can be invaluable when it comes to optimizing your setup for maximum performance in games or any other type of task you might use it for.

5-   Budget Options

When shopping for a gaming keyboard on a budget, there are some great options available. The most important factor to consider is the size and layout of the keyboard.

Compact keyboards may be more affordable, but they don’t always provide all of the feature’s gamers need. On the other hand, full-sized keyboards come in many varieties that are often more expensive than their smaller counterparts.

In addition to size and layout, look for features such as mechanical key switches, anti-ghosting technology, remappable keys, dedicated macro keys, and RGB lighting. Mechanical key switches provide tactile feedback with each press and can have a longer lifespan than membrane switches.

Anti-ghosting technology ensures that multiple keystrokes are registered accurately by blocking simultaneous input from too many keys at once. Remappable keys allow users to customize their keyboard layout while dedicated macro keys allow gamers to assign functions or commands quickly without taking up valuable space on the keyboard.

This makes it an especially useful feature for MMOs and MOBAs. Finally, RGB lighting can really personalize your gaming experience by providing visual flair even when playing in low light conditions.

 6-   Top Gaming Keyboard Picks

A. High-End Gaming Keyboards
The high-end gaming keyboard market offers a multitude of options, but the Gamakay LK67 is the best choice

The GamaKay LK67 65% Triple Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard 67 Keys Gateron Switch is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and reliable mechanical keyboard.

This keyboard comes with an impressive array of features including triple mode RGB backlighting, 67 keys, Gateron switches, anti-ghosting technology, and more.

It also features a number of customization options such as adjustable lighting effects and adjustable key timings that make it easier to use according to the user’s preferences.

The GamaKay LK67 has a long lifespan due to its solid construction and premium materials used in its design. Furthermore, this keyboard offers users an incredible typing experience thanks to its lightning-fast response time and comfortable keystroke feel.

Its ergonomic design ensures that users will not experience any discomfort even after prolonged usage. All these amazing features make the GamaKay LK67 one of the best mechanical keyboards available at an affordable price today.

B. Mid-Range Gaming Keyboards

The Gamakay K77 77 Keys Hot Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB is an innovative gaming keyboard that allows for a unique and personalized experience.

With its 77 keys, this keyboard is perfect for gamers looking to customize their gaming setup. The hot swappable design allows users to easily switch out different keycaps and switches without any tools, giving them the flexibility to tailor their controls as they please.

It also sports robust RGB lighting with adjustable backlighting and multiple lighting modes for a complete gaming experience. Additionally, it features full N-key rollover functionality, allowing users to press multiple keys at once without ghosting or interfering with each other.

With these advanced features and more, the Gamakay K77 77 Keys Hot Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB is the perfect choice for gamers looking for a high-performance custom gaming keyboard.


The best gaming keyboards have become a must-have accessory for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience.

They feature customizable RGB lighting and macro keys, tactile feedback switches and solid construction that ensures durability.

Furthermore, they come with adjustable wrist support and anti-ghosting technology to ensure the most accurate inputs while gaming.

All of these features put together make up an excellent gaming keyboard that can help provide an incredibly immersive gaming experience.




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