So what is LED lighting?

So what is LED lighting?

LED lighting – an explanation of a light emitting diode (LED) on the Wikipedia site,

So what is LED in simple words – an electronic component when an electric current is transmitted in the diode emits energy that is interpreted in our eyes as light, it started as a light source for electronic components (example: a device that shows us if the device is off or running) later as backlight control panels, screens etc. ‘.

And with the age of technology evolving day by day, LED lighting has also moved one step further and a wide range of LED lighting can be found that replaces current types of lighting. The LED lighting can be replaced effortlessly, find the old bulb and screw a new bulb with LED lighting technology.

LED lighting products are considered the most efficient and innovative energy source for light distribution as well as green lighting

Today there are a selection of different types of LED lighting technologies, we will present you with a number of models:

The first to be manufactured at the beginning of their journey in the field of LED lighting are – Cylindrical Packages or DIP LED

They were followed by models of LEDs called HIGH POWER.

In addition, SMD-Surface Mount LEDs have been and still are being developed. Usually after the word SMD, numbers such as 3014,3528,5050,2835,5630 and more will arrive. Indicating the dimensions and type of LED diode.

And other technology in the field, are COB-Chip On Board LEDs that come in different sizes and structures, which provide lighting over one surface,

LED lighting has the highest light efficiency today, high color coefficient, power efficiency, product reliability and longevity of LED lighting working hours.

Some quick facts about LED lighting

* Safe to use – Unlike fluorescent / CFL bulbs, LEDs do not contain mercury or other toxins. Makes them safe to use and at the end also throws in the trash. Great contribution to our environment.

* Safe for illumination – LED lighting does not emit ultraviolet (UV) light, which means light is harmful to skin, clothing and does not attract insects. That is why LED lighting is the ideal light for enlightenment on works of art, sensitive materials, museum lighting applications and of course for the human environment.

* Money savings – extremely long working life and low power consumption, up to about 50,000 hours and even more, which vary from bulb to bulb.

* Touchable – LED lights do not produce significant amounts of heat, that is, they are touchable and ideal for heat-sensitive lighting arrangements.

* Durability – Resistant to vibrations and shocks, LEDs are one of the most stable light sources,
So why buy LED lighting?
Economical, and environmentally friendly solution!

Lighting is one of the greatest energy drains in our lives, replacing traditional lighting with Asmpick store online LED lighting, the bottom line is the fastest way to save in your pocket, and at the same time contribute to a greener environment!