How to fix garage door sensor? Easy Steps Guide

How to fix garage door sensor? Easy Steps Guide

Every garage door must have sensors that detect obstructions before the door closes. The term “sensible” refers to the use of a sensor in a garage. If sensors detect an object in the path of the closing door, they can reverse its direction. The door will then revert to its original open position. Well, if you are facing a problem with your garage door sensors and looking for a solution. Then this post will be helpful for you. Here in this article, I will guide you on How to fix garage door sensor? I will also share the troubleshooting of garage door sensors. So, I hope this article will be informative for you.

Working on garage door sensors

Remote controls can be used to operate garage door openers, which activate the motorized trolley. While some garage door opener buttons are hardwired to the house, others are remote-powered, allowing you to open your garage door while still in your car. However, for the sake of convenience, most modern garage door openers combine the two technologies, allowing you to use both features.

The system uses an infrared radio signal to activate the electric motor when the button on your remote is pressed. The electric motor, in turn, engages a track-and-pulley system, which opens and closes your garage door. The infrared sensors that enable your garage door opening system are installed on either side of your garage door/doors and are about six inches off the ground. If the sensors fail for any reason, one of the sensor lights will begin to blink.

Different types of Garage door sensors

Garage door sensors are classified into four types: 

  • Safety sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Monitoring sensors
  • CO2 sensors

Each has a distinct function and purpose, but they are all engineered and designed for flawless execution and unparalleled safety.

Troubleshooting (how to fix garage door sensor)

Below are a few steps to how to fix garage door sensor:

Step 1- Sometimes it happens that any obstacle comes in front of the beam. So, the LED light cannot be visible to you. If the receiver’s green LED is not illuminated, ensure that nothing is in the path of the beam; if the path is clear, begin by cleaning the lenses of both safety sensors. Clean around the lens of each garage sensor with a microfiber cloth or similar. If the receiver’s green indicator light is now illuminated, try closing the door.

Step 2- If your sensors appear to be on and off, you may have a bad connection between the safety sensors and the wiring leading up to the garage door opener. You can test this by going to the sender with the amber LED and performing a “wiggle test.” A wiggle test is simple, and it involves wriggling or moving the wiring back and forth at the back of the safety sensor, as well as at the connections between the safety sensor and the wire that leads to the garage door opener.  If you see the amber LED turning on and off during the wiggle test this indicates you might have an issue with the wire nuts and should rescuer the wires together after turning the power off.

Step 3- Our last suggestion to you is to check if the sensors are bad. To check remove the sender and receiver from the brackets at the bottom of the garage door track. Mount them up at the actual garage door opener unit.

The fault of Power supply (Reason for garage door sensor problem)

Your garage door sensor, like most other devices, requires power to function. A common reason garage door sensor may not work sufficiently is a lack of power. Perhaps your power supply is faulty, or your sensor’s components are not receiving power.

A faulty power supply may also cause sensor damage. A sudden voltage drop can blow the fuse in your garage door sensor, causing it to stop working. In such cases, the sensors continue operating once a stable power supply is restored. However, power outages can damage critical components, necessitating replacement in extreme cases.

Why your Garage door sensors are not working?

You have a problem if your motorized garage door fails to open and close when you need it to. Nobody wants to fiddle with their garage door early in the morning or late at night. Worse, you don’t want to go to bed or leave your house with your garage door open to the rest of the neighborhood. The sensor is one of the most common causes of the garage door opening and closing issues.

The main reason can be dirty sensors. If you haven’t cleaned your sensor in a while, it may have accumulated enough dirt and dust to cause it to stop working. This repair is also simple (and obvious.) Clean each side of your sensor thoroughly. So, this was all about Garage door sensors. Here in this post, I tried to explain to you how to fix a garage door sensor. Read the whole article, I hope this will be informative for you. 

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