How To Buy The Best Smartwatch ?

How To Buy The Best Smartwatch ?

Choose a smartwatch that works with your cell phone
Naturally, the first thing you will want to consider when purchasing a smartwatch is a smartphone fit. Most of the devices available in the market today use Wear OS, Google’s operating system for smartwatches.

Wear OS supports iOS, but it is important to make sure that the features you want are available on iOS before you purchase the watch. Both Fitbit OS and Samsung’s Tizen support Android and iOS. Apple’s smartwatches, as you might expect, only connect to devices powered by iOS, so they’re only suitable for iPhones. Make sure that the watch you purchase fits your smartphone.


The best apps for smart watches
What differentiates a smartwatch from a stupid watch? A lot of things, but as smartphones have taught us – apps may be the most important thing.

Most of the watches we love include a well-developed app store that includes everything from a ceremonial mug, Waze to a calculator – and everything on your wrist. Similar to smartphones, app availability is a good way to determine which product to buy, so make sure you check the selection of apps that the smartwatch you are interested in offers, before you purchase it.

And if you’re looking for apps, know that Apple currently offers the best selection. Apple Watch has the number of the highest quality and most popular apps of all the other smartwatches on the market. Wear OS also has a respectable number of apps and Fitbit OS also narrows the gap, but the attention of the developers is undoubtedly focused first and foremost on Apple. Samsung’s Tizen does not seem to be the brother of most major developers.

Tracking watches VS smart watches
Unless you want a gadget-laden hand (not the most appealing look in our fashionable opinion), you will want a smartwatch that can function as a dual agent even as a fitness tracking watch – or any other gadget that can be worn. Most smartwatches are capable of basic activity tracking, like step tracking, but you need to pay attention to all the other features.

For example, the Apple Watch Series 6 includes GPS so that it can track your runs without the help of another device. This means that you do not have to take your cell phone with you for runs. In addition it has a heart rate sensor. And it does not end here; ECG function allows you to produce a PDF file of your heart rate, which you can share with your doctor and an SpO2 sensor that measures the level of oxygen in your blood. The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 also offers ECG and SpO2 apps. Of course, in terms of price these are the most expensive products on our list. The Fitbit Versa 3 costs a bit less and tracks a variety of fitness and sleep activities, but offers less in terms of third-party apps, so there’s a certain waiver.

Search carefully and choose a watch that monitors your health and fitness, and offers the fitness features you think you will need.