How to accessorize a kitchen counter? Complete Guide

How to accessorize a kitchen counter? Complete Guide

The kitchen is the main part of your home. Definitely, you will want to make your kitchen more decorable. Usually, women in the house put pressure to make the kitchen more perfect and decorable. Apart from that it is important to give a perfect look to your kitchen because of cooking purposes. During cooking, flame burns, and smoke is produced. So, there should be a proper way to eradicate the smoke from the kitchen. If there will be no proper way to exit the smoke then it will create suffocation. In the summer season, this cannot be bearable by any woman. So, here in this blog post, I will tell you How to accessorize a kitchen counter? I will share my ideas and thought and ideas with you. Read the whole article I hope this will be informative for you.

How you can decorate your kitchen?

Below are some best small kitchen decorating ideas:

1 Pot Racks

While most small kitchens lack the space required for large, rectangular pot racks, there are alternatives. Pot racks don’t have to be suspended from the ceiling; some can be wall-mounted, such as the pegboard wall shown above.

2 Cooking Tool wall storage

Take a cue from some of the busiest restaurant kitchens, which use industrial wall hardware and racks to store utensils. Some wall-mounted utensil and tool storage ideas:

  • Utensil racks can be hung. A simple bar with hooks can hold tools with loops or holes. Smaller items can be stored in baskets that can be hung on the rack.
  • Paint and hang a pegboard to hang your tools on. Organize the items by color or use.
  • Use wall magnets to keep knives and spice jars organized.

3 Shelving

Look for places to add shelving for extra storage. A row of narrow shelves on a kitchen island can be ideal for storing cookbooks. Look for additional locations such as corners or over a counter.

4 Use dramatic black tiles

This striking kitchen, designed by Nanette Brown, is covered in glossy black subway tiles. Not only does this make all of the surfaces super easy to clean, but it also helps bounce light and create a cozy atmosphere, allowing you to make the most of your small galley kitchen.

How you can style your kitchen shelves?

Kitchen shelves, particularly open shelving or glass shelves, offer plenty of extra space for you to add your own personal touch. Display your collectibles and artwork, or use your kitchen shelves to store extra dishes and cookware.

So, how to accessorize a kitchen counter? The answer includes a lot of things that you can do for your kitchen. To style your kitchen shelves there are a lot of ways. If your shelves are near a sunny window, choose a few small pots and fill them with fresh herbs. Plants and greenery can add a fresh look to your kitchen, and having fresh herbs within reach while cooking is convenient.

A lovely canister can be used to store flour, sugar, or coffee. Combine all of your canisters or cookie jars. A large crock is an excellent way to store your tools and utensils while keeping everything organized. And decorative bowls are ideal for storing fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden.

how to accessorize a kitchen counter?

Your kitchen decor does not have to be limited to everyday items like dish soap and sponge holders. Play around with your counter space by stacking a few beautiful cutting boards at different angles against each other. A vase filled with fresh flowers is always a lovely option, and you can easily switch it out with new blooms whenever you want. Lay pretty dish towels across your kitchen counters or drape them over your sink.

Remove everything from your countertop and begin arranging from the beginning. You must consider what constitutes clutter and what does not. Clutter is anything you don’t use on a regular basis. Keep them in the pantry closet to keep your countertops looking crisp, clean, and fresh. Remove the crumbs from your toaster and clean them before storing them in the pantry closet. You can organize your closet by putting frequently used items on the closest shelf and rarely used items at the farthest end.


One of the most valuable areas in your home is the kitchen countertops. You want them to be both functional and appealing. Investing in beautiful pots and cutting boards is a good idea because they add both beauty and functionality to your kitchen. Other kitchen accessories mentioned in the guide on how to accessorize a kitchen counter can also be used. They will assist you in properly decorating your kitchen counters.

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