Baseus Car Air Freshener Aromatherapy Fragrance Diffuser Air Vent

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Baseus Car Air Freshener Perfume Fragrance for Auto Car Air Vent Freshener Air Conditioner Clip Diffuser Solid Perfume

  • ULTRA THIN AND EXQUISITE LIFE STYLE DESIGN: Mellow and smooth ultra thin design. Innovative integration of coagulation factor, and professional fragrance content measurement for 10 times more fragrance
  • TWO YEARS USABLE LIFE TERM: Single pack comes with one diffuser and six fragrances. One fragrance piece will be usable for five months. Six pieces usable for two years.
  • HEALTHY AND SAFE: Suitable for pregnant women elderly and children
  • NON ALCOHOLIC ORGANIC NATURAL AROMA: Solid fragrances with natural aroma made by using essential oil meticulously extracted from natural liquid perfume through condensing.
  • EASY AND SAFE INSTALL ON AIR VENT: Can be installed on air vent. Long strip clamp with higher stability. Easy to install and remove on air vent with out damaging air vent


إستعمال: for Homes Toilet Office Bedroom Car Air Freshener

يكتب: Car Air Freshener Car Air Perfume

يكتب: Car Air Freshener Perfume

مميزات خاصة: Remove odor in car

شكل: صلب

Packing List 2: Cologne*6pcs/Marine*4pcs /Gardenia*2pcs

Packing List 1: Cologne*3pcs/Marine*2pcs /Gardenia*1pcs

أصل: CN (الأصل)

اسم النموذج: Car Air Vent Freshener

نوع المادة: بلاستيك + سبيكة

عرض البند: 30mm

وزن السلعة: 0.02kg

حجم السلعة: with 6 replacement

نوع العنصر: ملطف جو

طول السلعة: 80mm

ارتفاع السلعة: 3 مم

Install Way: Clip Type

دور: Long-lasting Air Freshener

العطر: ليمون

Fix Postition: Air Vent Mount/Air Outlet

ميزة: Both a Car Air Freshener and a Paddle

Drop shipping/Wholesale: الدعم

اسم العلامة التجارية: بيسوس

Applicable: can use for pregnant women and children

EAN: 2000000126968 رمز المنتج: 945C46OG التصنيف: الوسوم: ,

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